At the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre (MBEC), I was the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. In this position I:

• Conceptualized, curated and produced social media posts and blogs to promote client success stories. This helped render an online audience for the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre.
• Tracked/reported performance analytics of my social media posts using Google Analytics.

Posted below are links to the blog posts that I wrote for MBEC:

Client Success Stories

Jennifer Ribout – J.K. Ribout Photography

This artist came from a small town in rural Ontario where she was well known for her work and made the bold move of moving to Mississauga. Jennifer slowly began to create a name for herself in the GTA art community.

Where are they now? – Jazzmine Lawton, Studio.89

Studio.89 (a fair trade cafe) is now a popular hub for all students in Mississauga. Jazzmine Lawton tells the story of the inspiration behind Studio.89 and how it continues to grow today.

Where are they now? – Ricky Pacheco, POP49

POP49 is a business that concentrates on manufacturing, marketing and product design. The founder behind POP49 tells us how he started a business in South Africa and incorporated it in Mississauga, Ontario.

Young Entrepreneurs Series

Painting a Positive Mindset

This post follows Camille Lauren as she tells us of her dream to become an artist and the obstacles she faced and overcame on the way. She is a prime example of how following your passions is the right choice to make.

Minimizing the Language Barrier

AccessFrench is a business that strived to minimize the language barrier between companies by providing language lessons to companies. This allows companies to become global in their communication.

A Personalized Pop Up in the Card Industry

This is a business that started off as a fun project. What began as a personalized gift for a friend soon become the start of something innovative: a personalized pop up in the card industry. This follows young entrepreneur Kailyn Seo as she learned to navigate owning her own business.

Making a Case for Skincare

Kushi Kaur came up with a possible solution to a skincare problem – a 3-in-1 satin beauty pillowcase! This pillowcase might help some relieve some causes of skin issues and hair problems.

Upcoming Seminars

These links below are informative blog posts that would tell an online audience of upcoming business seminars at the City of Mississauga. Each post highlights what the seminar is about, when it is taking place and how it can be beneficial to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Making an Impact in the Community

Mapping out the Plan to Success

Summer Company Program: Turning Business Ideas into Reality

Make an Online Presence for Your Business

Selling Products and Services to the Government