Mindwaves & Compass

I was an associate editor for the 2017 Mindwaves and Compass literary journal. In this position as an associate editor I:

  • helped select pieces to be put onto a shortlist
  • read over the manuscripts of both Mindwaves and Compass
  • edited the manuscripts for style, content and grammar

I was also published in the 2017 edition of Mindwaves with a short creative non-fiction narrative titled “The Pool Party”.

What is Mindwaves and Compass?


The Professional Writing and Communication department (PWC) at the University of Toronto Mississauga annually publishes two journals – Mindwaves and Compass. These journals contain high-quality creative non-fiction pieces collected from the UTM community.

Mindwaves is a literary journal that publishes creative non-fiction narratives.

Compass is a scientific journal that publishes research based pieces which may   include interviews, scientific reviews, historical accounts and finance or community-related informative pieces that are well-explained and written in a style understandable by every person, regardless of their field of study.